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Economics of Longevity and Ageing, London
27-29 June 2024
Location: London Business School

Co-hosted by Harvard University and CEPR on the topic of “Economics of Longevity and Ageing”. The conference will cover a broad range of topics covering all aspects of the economics of longevity and ageing – micro and macro, theory and empirical.

Advancing Geroscience: From Potential to Practice to Policy
8 June 2023
Location: University of Southern California
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Co-hosted by the USC Schaeffer Center and the London Business School on the topic of “Advancing Geroscience: From Potential to Practice to Policy.” We brought together on the University of Southern California campus scientists, investors, regulators, life sciences executives and social scientists to bring the potential of recent scientific developments in aging into something practical and effective that can be implemented at scale by society.

The aim was to bring together key influencers and decision makers to: (a) detail a research and policy agenda to advance the field, and (b) convene a wider group of stakeholders than usual to advance public policy.

Health, Ageing and Longevity Conference
20-23 April 2022
Location: London Business School
USC Sustaining Global Pharmaceutical Innovation and Access Agenda
ESRC The Economics of Longevity Agenda
NUS Singapore Health District Agenda

Experts on longevity and ageing worked jointly during the four day collaborative conference between London Business School, University of Southern California, National University Singapore, and the MacArthur Foundation’s Network on An Aging Society. The first day launched the conference with sessions on innovation in pharmaceuticals with the University of Southern California Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics. The second day focused on the Economics of the Longevity Dividend with London Business School. The third day was hosted by National University of Singapore as part of their Health District programme. The final day was a MacArthur Network meeting on ageing.

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